The Helix DNA Marketing Automation Platform is here.

We combine audiences, attribution, and automation for the automotive industry, with more than 35 million automotive customers and 280 million evaluatory data points.

All of your reporting in one place. Finally...

Quickly and easily view performance with Helix’s centralized transparent enterprise reporting.
Save countless reporting hours each month, view group- and store-level reporting, and hold your vendors accountable.

Advanced Automation

Identify audiences within your market for more effective campaigns. Audiences allows you to align your dealership's goals and inventory with the right consumers.

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Create a personalized customer shopping journey and maximize marketing efficiency with multiple touchpoints throughout the shopping process. Increase your bids to stay in front of your in-market audiences.

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Select the theme that best fits your dealership and your audience. Our Campaign Gallery provides hundreds of proven OEM and seasonal campaign themes.

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Just a handful of some or our dealers and auto groups.